Priority Security provide high-quality, accredited training courses for the private security industry.

We understand the importance of choosing the right training provider, and we do everything we can to ensure we are the right choice – through our excellent range of accredited courses, experienced trainers, competitve pricing and ensuring we provide you with everything you need to make a successful career in the security industry.

We are able to provide training at our fantastic HQ in Stourport where we have large office spaces, on-site accomodation, kitchen, facilities and break-out/entertainment areas.


“The instructors were amazing in teaching us the skills and knowledge

needed to complete the course and gain the qualification.”

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  • We operate with absolute clarity and complete transparency.
  • Our courses provide up to date and relevant information.
  • All our trainers are currently active and have a proven track record of the experience within the industry.
  • We will advise on the best option and direction you wish to follow within your career – only advising appropriate bolt on courses.
  • We prioritise our student’s success over any financial gain.
  • No false promises. We don’t guarantee work or promote any in-house courses that have no real use within the security industry.


You will be trained by a team of experts who have years of in-field experience and are still operational close protection operatives. They can provide real insight into what to expect from your chosen course and are very trustworthy when providing information on career opportunities. We deliver detailed, intensive training courses designed to test your abilities and knowledge so that you are fully prepared for a variety of real-world scenarios. 

Chris B

A former soldier and an extended royal family Close Protection Operative, Chris B has over 10 years experience within security and is the founder of Priority Security Academy Ltd; established in 2019. Chris has experience in many roles within the security industry; from door supervision to close protection. He has also provided protection services for TV personalities, famous artists, business executives and high profile individuals alike.

Andy M

Andy is our director of Close Protection and Firearms Training. A former UKSF soldier who has been involved in operational tasks globally. He has instructed members of military/Special Forces and Law Enforcement Units worldwide. Andy has had the honour to protect members of foreign royalty, foreign dignitaries, A-list celebs, music artists and TV personalities. Andy is also one of the finest CQC/Close Quarter Combat and Martial Arts instructors in the world.

Jacob F

8 years working within the security industry as a door supervisor, area manager for two of the largest national security companies in the UK, celebrity close protection officer, 4 years HM Prison Service, HMP Tornado advance control and restraint trained, 15 years martial arts experience and 2nd degree black belt. As you can see, Jacob has had a ton of experience and is an extremely valued member of the Priority team.

Jonny M

Jonny began his 26 years of Military service in 1990 for the Parachute Regiment. His experience and training through various tours, including Canada, Northern Ireland and Kosovo, led to his subsequent selection to the 22nd Special Air Services (S.A.S) in 2000.
During his 16 years of service for the regiment, Jonny was deployed, amongst others, to numerous tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, throughout which his diligent, dedicated and adaptable leadership skills were an essential part of his success. Working within intra, inter and multi-disciplinary teams across different military, national, international and governmental agencies demanded excellent communication and organisational skills. His ongoing professional development to enhance his operative profile included patrol medic, tactical weapons training, close quarter combat and effective delivery of tactical, logistical and operational information.
Jonny’s unique operational experiences and success led to his subsequent requisitions to provide bespoke course for counter terrorist training both within the SAS and for external governmental departments.
Since retiring from the forces in 2016 after a full and distinguished service, Jonny has deployed his leadership, communication and organisational skills from the experience of working with national, international, civil, governmental and military organisations to enhance his subsequent civilian roles where he has used his expertise to provide operational and logistical management for commercial companies.

John H

After leaving the British Military as a Royal Military Police Officer, John has had a long and varied career as a Close Protection Operative, Tour Manager and travelling companion by protecting high net worth Individuals, sportsman, A-list celebs. His experience of working around the world in hostile environments protecting VIP’s and clients is primary in his delivery of security and other related courses. Being very passionate about Security and Safety and those entering into it, John passes on the benefit of his experience to all. John very much looks forward to meeting and training alongside you. 

“Passion, integrity, honesty and a driven objective to help my clients achieve is what counts. Staying safe and being professional in doing the things you love to do, on days you don’t feel like doing them”

“The instructors were amazing in teaching us the skills and knowledge

needed to complete the course and gain the qualification.”

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