Close Protection Training


Priority Security Academy offers comprehensive close protection training courses for anyone who wants to start a career in protecting important individuals and groups. Contact us via the form below to enrol on one of our courses. We are based in Worcester but operate nationally & internationally.

When you are the close protection operative of a well-known public figure or celebrity, you have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. At the same time, you should ensure that your client is relaxed whilst attending any event, which is why our close protection security training programme covers all aspects of the subject to enable you to handle any type of situation. We will prepare you for everything!
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The instructors we use are members of UK special forces, law enforcement, and highly experienced executive protection and monarchy protection officers. During our training sessions, we create realistic scenarios so you, as a bodyguard can deal with any type of emergency in any environment. Our close protection training course includes optional bolt ons such as driving courses to enable you to drive in any adverse condition. You will be trained on how to do J and Y-turns and be a part of ramming and anti-ambush drills. We can also provide you with courses to complement your base training, such as first aid and firearms training for international work.
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Our close protection training module includes close quarter combat drills and conflict management sessions as well. We go above and beyond the industry standard, and that is why we cover everything you will need. After you have successfully passed our training assessments, we welcome you to join our team. We offer close protection services to high-profile executives, high net-worth clients, VIPs and celebrities and our clean track record speaks for itself.

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