Surveillance and Private Investigation

Do you need to conduct background checks on an individual? At the Priority Security Academy, we understand the sensitive nature of our business and always maintain the confidentiality of our client. We can carry out surveillance work for theft investigation, matrimonial issues, cheating partner investigations and more. During the investigations, our detectives will gather information about the subject and provide you with evidence of anything unusual.  We serve clients across Kidderminster and the surrounding areas.

People tracing

Our private investigators can conduct field investigations to help find the subject’s last known whereabouts. We cross-referencing a wide range of online records or databases which means this can be a long-drawn-out process. Due to the nature of the investigation, we cannot promise the client a specified date.
Depending on the information collected during the research, it may take up to 7 to 14 days for our team to collate all the details. Our people tracing service starts from £150, which includes field investigation work.

Commercial surveillance

One of our private investigators can follow the subject and record their actions using our covert electronic surveillance methods. The agent will normally follow the subject “where possible”, gathering evidence of the target’s actions.
Most of our commercial surveillance cases relate to employees who have breached their company employment contract in some way. A minimum of 5 hours has to be booked, with prices starting from £300.

Cheating spouses

Cheating spouses is one of the most common areas of investigation and our agents specialise in this field. Following, observing, recording and logging the evidence, we can find out whether your partner is actually cheating or not.

Our investigators will covertly record their activities and whereabouts using photographic or video methods, capturing personal meets and other evidence. Records will be presented to the client within 24 hours of closing the investigation. A minimum of 5 hours have to be booked for this service which starts from £250.

Private surveillance

Mobile, static and foot surveillance methods can be used by our detectives for private surveillance and evidence collection. This type of surveillance is mainly used for cases involving cheating spouses, matrimonial or adultery.
We also provide private surveillance for child custody agreements. You’ll receive a comprehensive report of the subject’s actions within 24 hours of concluding our actions. A minimum of 5 hours’ booking is required for this service. Prices start from £250.

Bug sweeping

“Bugs” are small hidden electronic devices used to collect confidential data or specific information. They have been used to spy on individuals, families and company deals. If you’re worried that someone might be trying to gather information about you, contact us today.
Our team have extensive experience in bug sweeping and removing unauthorised recording devices. Our bug sweeping prices start from just £100, however the peace of mind is priceless.

Electronic surveillance

Electronic surveillance equipment can help you gain important information as part of an ongoing investigation. Our private investigators use both overt and covert devices to collect detailed digital evidence.
Some of the devices we use have pinhole cameras, enabling them to collect audio and video recordings, and are almost impossible to detect. Prices for electronic surveillance prices start from £100, which includes a full report following device retrieval.

GPS vehicle tracking

Our private investigators can make use of GPS vehicle trackers to collect information about the location of the subject. Within 24 hours of the tracker deployment, the client can receive a detailed report containing the date(s), time(s) and location(s) that the tracker had visited.
Due to the level of information and planning required, a minimum of 48 hours is needed to be book this service. The cost for the tracking or agent monitoring service starts from £50 for 24 hours.

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